FIH Goalkeeper of the Year…Again!


Hockey is beautiful. I’m lucky and proud today to win this award for the second time, and even more to be part of this amazing team: « The Red Lions ».

This journey is not only about sport, it’s also about living your passion, working really hard to achieve your dreams, inspiring a team, a generation, and a country. I couldn’t be more proud to have written history for Belgium at the 2018 World Cup.


Winning this award for the 2nd time means a lot to me because it represents all the sacrifices, all these hours, days, and years of training as well as all the ups & downs throughout my career.

At one point I almost gave up hockey. Fortunately, back then I had the support of my family, my wife, and my friends. I will forever be grateful to them because today I’m living my dream, and it’s only the beginning of the Red Lions’ story… Thank you all and see you soon on the pitch!


Twitter: #HockeyStarsAwards


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