Thank You! 🙏🏻

FIH Best Goalkeeper 2017 (1)

Hey Everyone!

I’d like to thank every one of you for contributing to my award of the 2017 Best Goalkeeper of the Year. It’s an honour and a source of pride to have received this title and represent Belgium along with my teammate Arthur Van Doren (Best Player and Rising Star of the year) and my coach Shane McLeod (Coach of the year).

FIH Best Goalkeeper 2017 (3)

It goes without saying that this title is a collective prize, thanks to all my former and current teammates, with the national team and with all my clubs teams.

I couldn’t finish without thanking all the great work done by the Belgium staff, the Belgian Hockey Federation, and all the coaches who invested and believed in me from my early age until now. Thank you.

I’d like to also thank my sponsors who support me day in day out, and allow me to invest myself full-time in the sport I love.

To all the hockey lovers, thank you!


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